Bitsy Kemper You may have seen Bitsy Kemper on CNN, heard her on national radio, or seen her on TV. Author of a four book series of nonfiction picture books, her titles include Out and About at the Greenhouse, Out and About at the Dentist, Out and About at the Theater, and Out and About at the Baseball Stadium. These "virtual field trips" for pre-K through third grades give backstage tours while teaching interesting facts about places and professions.

As Bitsy reads her stories to classes and groups, she takes the "virtual field trip" one step further by explaining the writing process. How long does it take to write a book? Who does the illustrations? What's the difference between a picture book and a chapter book? Kids (and teachers!) will learn not only what goes on in the dentist office, baseball stadium, greenhouse, and theater, but they'll learn what it takes to become a good writer too.

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