Ellen Hopkins Ellen Hopkins is a poet, author, and freelance journalist. She has published twenty nonfiction books for middle grade and young adult readers, and four young adult novels-in-verse, with more to come. Her novels Crank, Burned, Impulse, and Glass are all national bestsellers. Burned was nominated for the 2006 National Book Award.

Ellen is happy to speak to all grade levels, with a preference for middle grade and high school students who make up the core of her readership. She can speak on life as a writer; the inspiration for her novels, which deal with the tough issues all young adults face; exciting nonfiction adventures; journalism as a career; journaling and memoir; poetry as storytelling. She also enjoys classroom work including teaching poetry, fiction and nonfiction writing, play writing, and more.

Look for Ellen's newest book, Identical, coming soon.

Learn more about Ellen, her books and her presentations:
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