Linda Boyden
Linda Boyden is an award winning author, storyteller, poet, and "recovering" primary teacher from Redding, California. Linda loves to visit preschools, elementary schools, and libraries. Her first picture book, The Blue Roses, won Lee & Low Books' first New Voices award, the 2003 Paterson Prize, Wordcraft and Storytellers' Book of the Year for 2003, and was included on the CCBC choice list. In 2006, two of her adult level poems won at the 5th Annual Pleasanton Poetry Festival. She also has a chapbook of poems, WomenSong; a CD of Native American storytelling, Dikanohelvsdi Elisi Unitseli, Stories of the Grandmothers; and a DVD of preschool stories & songs, Grammy Linda & Her Magic Window Look for her newest book, Powwow's Coming (University of New Mexico Press, 2007).


Learn more about Linda, her books and her presentations:
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