Terri Farley Terri Farley left Los Angeles for the cowgirl state of Nevada after earning degrees in English and Journalism, and teaching reading in the inner-city. Today she rides the range researching the West's people and animals - especially Nevada's controversial wild horses. Her Phantom Stallion series for young readers has sold more than a million copies. Seven Tears into the Sea, her Celtic fantasy, was nominated as an ALA Best Book. Her new series, Wild Horse Island, spotlights adventure in wild Hawaii.

Terri enjoys school visits (K - College) and customizes presentations for writers, teachers, librarians, and children. Workshops include Hooked on Horses: ride along on mustang round-ups and cattle drives, learn how Terri became a writer, and view the film, Wild Ones. Idea Factory: a creative writing workshop using left/right brain techniques to supplement rigorous classroom writing. Muse on the Run, Finding the 25th Hour to Write: for older students or staff development.

Learn more about Terri, her books, and her presentations:
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