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Ongoing Illustrator Projects
Open the tabs below for details to our last project ... Come back soon to learn about our next Illustrators' project.

Branding Nevada SCBWI -
Illustrator Contest/Challenge

NV SCBWI Branding

Our latest illustrator project and contest -
Branding Nevada SCBWI - began this summer and the deadline for entries has now ended. The winner will be annouced at our Las Vegas Workshop on September 10th.

Congratulations to our winner - Ken Lamug - for his Quail entry, NV SCBWI Dark. (7th item below)

Here are all the entries:

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Donna Koepp - Brush and Pencil Showdown Donna Koepp - Holster with Art Tools Cindy Kremsner - Dark Logo with Compass Cindy Kremsner - Light Logo with Compass
Ken Lamug - NV SCBWI Cowboy 460 1 Ken Lamug - NV SCBWI Cowboy 460 2 Ken Lamug - NV SCBWI Dark Phyliss Minard - Book Logo
Phylliss Mignard - Boot Logo Phylliss Mignard - Hat Logo Phylliss Mignard - Horse Logo Janet Tarjen Erl - NV SCBWI Logo

The seasonal changes are reflective of cycles in life as well as nature. This new project will be closing when summer gives way to fall. Fall is nature’s senior prom. The leaves on the trees adorn themselves with their most elaborate attire, changing from hues of green into brilliant auburns and reds . . . a final show of their dazzling beauty before their exit to make way for new growth.

Nevada SCBWI is changing and growing too, always keeping in mind the interests of the people in the organization and the goal to help each member of our group strive for excellence in creating books for children. Our illustrator challenges were implemented with that goal in mind.

Working text into an image or logo is always a consideration for every illustrator. This current challenge addresses that as well as designing a brand for our region. The Nevada region of SCBWI has been known for embracing its western heritage. With this challenge, we would like our illustrators to design a logo/brand for our region, keeping a writer-illustrator theme while lassoing our western flavor.

Fall Project/Contest Guidelines and Information:

Contestants could choose from three options to work with:

  • Nevada SCBWI Outlaws
  • Nevada SCBWI Penslingers
  • Nevada SCBWI Word Wranglers
  1. Entries will be judged on theme, interpretation, originality and creativity.
  2. Judging will be performed by Patti Ann Harris, Senior Art Director at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, at our September 10 conference in Las Vegas.
  1. The winning illustrator will receive (a) a waived fee for one year of SCBWI membership, beginning immediately if the winner was not already a member, or if the winner is already a member, beginning from the date his or her current membership is set to expire; and (b) a reimbursement if attending the Las Vegas conference or a discount of up to $95 for another Nevada SCBWI event or program, to be used within one year from the date issued. (Our upcoming Mentor Program holds some terrific opportunities for illustrators.)
  2. The artwork must be an original piece created for this contest. We encourage you to use any media you feel best suits your work.
  3. Entries must be a print (no original artwork, please) postmarked by August 24, 2011, dry mounted on
    8½ x 11" foam board and submitted to:

    Cindy Kremsner
    Illustrator Coordinator
    Nevada SCBWI
    2354 Ruddy Way
    Sparks, NV 89441

  1. (cont.) Please include a sheet with your name, website URL if applicable, e-mail address and a short biography. If selected the winner, we ask for a JPEG with a maximum size of 12MB to be emailed to Nevada SCBWI.Nevada SCBWI retains the right to publish the work in the next quarterly edition of its newsletter, The Zephyr.
  2. Nevada SCBWI retains the right to publish the work in the next quarterly edition of its newsletter, The Zephyr.
  3. Nevada SCBWI retains the right to add text to the winning image in production of conference merchandise. This may include, but is not limited to, "NV SCBWI" and attributing the creator of the work. The artist, if he/she wishes, may add this text to the entry submission.
  4. Nevada SCBWI retains the right to produce regional merchandise for sale at conferences and workshops, with the proceeds going to Nevada SCBWI for conferences and scholarships. Any unsold items will remain the property of Nevada SCBWI to be sold at future events.
  5. Nevada SCBWI will make every attempt to calibrate the colors with the original artwork when reproducing it for merchandise. The artist agrees to hold the SCBWI and its staff harmless from any legal action which may result from the work appearing on our website, publications or merchandise.

NV SCBWI Branding

Green Valley Library Display

Here are some photos from Steven Talbott and Donna Koepp that are now on display at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, Nevada. Please stop by at 2797 North Green Valley Parkway Henderson, Nevada - (702-207-4260) to visit the display. Our thanks go to Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer for organizing this.

Steven Talbott - Old Woman in the Shoe

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Bringing the Animal Out in Your Main Character

Our goal is to bring Nevada Artists who aspire to illustrate children's books together in one joint effort. We are striving to provide an artistic community to help rejuvenate artistic energy, passion, and most importantly, learn the art of illustrating children’s books as well as implement new ways to collectively market our talents. Cindy Kresmer (No. NV) and Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer (So. NV) will select, at random, a story from a list of classic children’s tales and/or nursery rhymes. In addition to the monthly critique meetings held in Southern Nevada, we also have an online venue. If you wish to participate there, please visit our Nevada SCBWI Ning Site @  http://nevadascbwi.ning.com/Open in New Window You can put through your request to join the community there or email Cindy Kremsner @ cindykremsner@yahoo.com.

With that, we would like to announce our 3rd project: Bringing The Animal Out In Your Main Character.

Illustrators take artistic license on occasion. It’s been told that an author has written a story about their dear nieces or nephews and when it was turned over to an illustrator, the writer was surprised to find that their dearly beloved family member was turned into an anthropomorphic character by the artist who decided to render him/her as an animal.

Our next project was developed with the intention of empowering illustrators to take artistic license, stretch themselves by taking the human characters of their selected story and bring the animals out in them. This time we are offering two options. Some of you may wish to illustrate picture books, while others desire to do cover art, interior illustrations or graphic novels.

We ask that you make your selection based on the type of work you want to do and what you feel best matches your artistic style. Once you have made your selection, we would like you to develop a scene using animals that epitomize your main characters while keeping the familiarity of the story. The works can be used for website content, mailers, portfolio material, business cards ... anything you wish.

Your Options Are:


We will begin brainstorming about character development. The initial session is not a critique. It should serve to ignite your creative sparks and share a bit of dialogue about the ideas you have for your characters and overall scene.

Project Schedule

Friday, October 15th #1 - Character Sketches: Once the first goal is established, we would like to have the first drafts of your characters rendered and ready for critique by Saturday, October 15th.

Friday, November 19th #2 - First Look: During this phase, we would like to see a rough draft rendering of your characters positioned into your scene. In this session we will look at characters, composition, range of emotion and story telling. We will diplomatically help each other work through any trouble spots that may need addressing.

Friday, December 17th #3 - Critique Day For Completed Artwork: By this date, illustrators should have a completed full color rendering of the entire scene to present for group critique. If the work is not completed, we ask that you post your work on the next critique day, which will be scheduled accordingly.

Postcard Project Display
September 18, 2010