We are proud to showcase the artwork of Nevada SCBWI member illustrators and other illustrator members who participate with the Nevada region.

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Cindy Barry, Aha
Contact: wilbarry@pacbell.net


Naomi Canale, Monkey
Contact: naomicanale@yahoo.com     

Website: www.naomicanale.comOpen in New Window

Trek Bear

Janet Tarjan Erl, Big Dogs
Contact: janeterl@gotsky.com     

Website: www.trekkerdesigns.com/Open in New Window

Naptime for Baby

Roz Fulcher, Naptime for Baby
Contact: roz@cox.net                       

Artist's Rep: www.storybookartsinc.comOpen in New Window
Website: www.rozfulcher.comOpen in New Window

Boo Heisey, Willowby
Contact: boostoryboard@frontiernet.net

Website: http://boohonline.com/Open in New Window

Gargoyle Project Donna Jeanne Koepp, Gargoyle Project
Contact: whitewolf.studio@yahoo.com
Website: www.whitewolfstudioart.comOpen in New Window

Harleylujah! Harley & Mercutio in the Circus

Cynthia Kremsner, Harleylujah! Harley & Mercutio in the Circus
Contact: cindykremsner@yahoo.com

Website: site.cynthiajoycekremsner.com/Open in New Window

Sumiko and Grandma

Diana Malfalcone, Sumiko and Grandma
Contact: monfalcone123@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.dianamonfalcone.comOpen in New Window

Falling Leaves

Sharon Mann, Falling Leaves           
Contact: smann45333@aol.com

Website: www.sharonmanndesigns.com Open in New Window

Lucas Pamela McAdoo, Lucas
Contact: mcadent@jps.net
Website: www.pmcadoo.com Open in New Window

Fairy in the Apples Phyliss Mignard, Fairy in the Apples
Contact: phyl@phyllismignard.com        
Blog: http://phyllismignard.com/blog/page/2/Open in New Window
Website: www.phyllismignard.comOpen in New Window
Halloween Witch Judy Pfeifer, Halloween Witch
SCBWI Logo If you are an SCBWI member who lives in Nevada or who participates in our Nevada region, and you want to display a sample of your illustration work here please email us. Include your name, contact info, artist's representative (if applicable) and attach one titled JPEG file of your work. The file size should be no larger than approximately 500 KB. You may also include a link to your website. (Decisions on the gallery display are made by the Regional Advisors and are final.)