We are proud to showcase the work of SCBWI members who participated in the Nevada region's online Illustrators' Postcard Project.

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Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer

Dinh is an enthusiastic and passionate artist. She is classically trained, receiving her Fine Arts degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). She is an active member of Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). She is a Board Director of UNLV College of Fine Arts Alumni Chapter. In her spare time, she volunteers at Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (VMSN) Medicial Clinic: a free medical clinic serving the underprivileged. Dinh is devoted to providing inspiration to Illustrators and Artists. She explores the emotional impact and the power that Illustration has to tell stories and communicate concepts in a meaningful way. Visit her website at http://dinh.weebly.comOpen in New Window.

Chic Red by Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer

Chic Red

Marker and Conte Crayon

Hang on Diddle by Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer

Hang On Diddle!

Marker and Conte Crayon

Kiss Me by Dinh Chau-Kieckhafer

Kiss Me

Marker and Conte Crayon

Sharleen Collicott


Travel Up by Sharleen Collicott

Travel Up

Corel Painter

Untitled (Giraffe) by Sharleen Collicott

Untitled (Giraffe)

Corel Painter

Untitled (Beetle) by Sharleen Collicott

Untitled (Beetle)

Corel Painter

Donna Koepp

Donna is a native Nevadan and has spent her life in the Great Basin region. Many of her illustrations depict these wide open vistas as backdrops to story scenes. With an education in Architectural Design and working in construction for the last 27 years, she has never given up the dream of professional illustration and strives to apply all her experience in client relations, teamwork and meeting deadlines to working with the publishing industry. She also hopes to translate her experience of teaching Construction Estimating at the University of Nevada Reno, to teaching the art of self expression through art journaling.

As an eclectic artist, Donna has seriously dabbled in many media, drawing, pen & ink, doll making, calligraphy, collage and taught the art of stained glass. She always returns, however, to illustrating stories with simple tools. You can find her working every moming at 4am in her creative space she refers to as White Wolf Studio.

"The hope for my art is that it will suspend time, if only briefly, for the viewer to escape a busy modern existence and return enchanted. It's a tall order, but one I strive for everyday." Vist her website at www.whitewolfstudio.wordpress.comOpen in New Window.

Hey Diddle Diddle Picnic by Donna Koepp

Hey Diddle Diddle Picnic

Color Pencil on Bristol

Fox and the Crow by Donna Koepp

Fox and the Crow

Color Pencil on Bristol

Red in the Forest of Flowers by Donna Koepp

Red in the Forest of Flowers

Watercolor & Color Pencil on Hot Press

Cynthia Kremsner

As an aspiring author and illustrator Cynthia Kremsner loves the challenge of creating
characters people can relate to. She feels compelled to add a dose of humor throughout her
work where appropriateness allows.

Cynthia is the lllustrator Co-Coordinator representing the Northern Nevada
Region of the Society of Children's Book Writers & lllustrators. She's served on
conference committees and facilitated workshops.

ln 2009, she was selected by Laurent Linn, Art Director of Simon & Schuster Booksfor
Young Readers, as one of his three "mentees" in the Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program.
After being awarded a Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant to help fund her participation
in the 6 month program, she worked with Laurent revising some of her characters as well
rendering scenes from the "Wizard of OZ." Cynthia attributes much of her growth as an
artist to working with a professional in the industry through in depth critiques and
revisions. Visit her website at www.site.cynthiajoycekremsner.comOpen in New Window.

Helloo Kitty by Cynthia Kresmner

Helloo Kitty

Color Pencil & Digital

Leap of Faith by Cynthia Kremsner

Leap of Faith

Color Pencil & Digital

Hey Diddle Diddle! by Cynthia Kresmner

Hey Diddle Diddle!

Color Pencil & Digital

Candee Levander

Member illustrator of SCBWI, 2010-2011 Website design Comic book illustrator for independently published YAC Comics.

Candee's artistic background is mostly self-taught arts and crafts. As a stained-glass artisan, she produced limited-edition pieces for a studio for three years; participated in gallery shows selling personally created and produced three-dimensional stained-glass as well as combination photography and stained-glass pieces.

Hey Diddle Diddle at the Circus by Candee Levander

Hey Diddle Diddle at the Circus

Pen & Ink

Red Riding Hood scenes by Candee Levander

Red Riding Hood (scene depictions)

Chalk, Oil Pastels, Pen & Ink

Tuesday by Candee Levander


Pen & Ink

Elaine Maier

Elaine Maier is an illustrator originally from the Chicago area. She graduated from Ray-Vogue College of Design, and went on to work as a fashion illustrator for retail ads and p.o.p. display. She then moved into the area of greeting card production, design and illustration, Eventually she moved to Las Vegas where she has been a freelance designer and illustrator for a variety of markets including greeting cards and giftware, children's products and puzzles,and textiles and t-shirts.

Sleep, Little Diddle by Elaine Maier

Sleep, Little Diddle

Gouache, Color Pencil

Wolf with Flowers by Elaine Maier

Wolf with Flowers

Gouache, Color Pencil

Red Riding Hood by Elaine Maier

Red Riding Hood
(figure study)

Color Pencil Ink, Graphite, and Color Pencil

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann’s passion is to illustrate. She infuses her love for pen and ink, mixed media, and the needlearts to produce dimensional and novel illustrations. Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts in Art from California State University in Northridge.

Sharon is published in magazines, books and the Internet. Her recent published books includes a contributing artist in the “Artful Storybook” and “Kooky Crochet”, published by Lark Books, and co-author of “Crochet Kid Stuff”, published by Creative Publishing international. Visit her website at www.sharonmanndesigns.comOpen in New Window.

Little Red Riding Hood by Sharon Mann

Little Red Riding Hood (Page Illustration)

Pen & Ink, Photoshop

Hey Diddle Diddle by Sharon Mann

Hey Diddle Diddle

Pen & Ink, Photoshop

L is for Lion by Sharon Mann

L is for Lion

Fabric Collage, Photoshop

Phyllis Mignard

Phyllis Mignard is a water colorist with a background in graphic illustration and design. A characterization approach dominates her work with dark lines defining her characters and bright colors bringing them to life. Vist her website at www.phyllismignard.comOpen in New Window.

Hey Diddle Diddle by Phyllis Mignard

Hey Diddle Diddle

Watercolor and Ink

Little Red Riding Hood by Phyllis Mignard

Little Red Riding Hood

Watercolor and Ink

Ant and Grasshopper Fable by Phyllis Mignard

Ant & Grasshopper Fable

Watercolor and Ink